Pay your employees in advance

See an upturn in productivity by providing your employees instant access to their earned salary, creating a solution that benefits both the employee and the employer

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Help your staff build financial wellness

Incash provides you with a means of rewarding performance, helping both parties to achieve better financial outcomes.

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Manage Funds Strategically

We ensure that your operating liquidity is not compromised by managing your funds strategically.


Fosters Employee Affiliation

We help to build stronger employer-employee relations by helping you to give your employees financial autonomy.


Personalized Actions

Our plans are tailored according to your organisation’s needs and interests.

Your Personal Finance Manager

Incash makes it easy to give your employees paychecks in advance, keeping them motivated.

Expertise in Budgeting and Finance Management

Easy Accessibility and Seamless Onboarding

Cost-Efficient; Reap High Benefits without any Investment

Aims to Optimize the Employee-Benefits Program

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What people are saying


Incash is very good. I got my salary on the 12th of the month when I had an emergency to attend to. Total lifesaver!

Operations Manager, SMRIDU Nig. Ltd,

“Very Fast”

I received the money very fast. The bank alert came in just 3 minutes after placing a request. I highly recommend.

Admin Executive, Samstar Nigeria


Incash is very good. I got my salary on the 12th of the month when I had an emergency to attend to. Total lifesaver!

Operations Manager, Incash Inc,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Salary Advance


Salary advance is an upfront payment of a portion of your salary.

How can I ensure that my employees use Incash responsibly?


Incash enables the employer to:

  • Fix the percentage amount that their employees can withdraw
  • Put a certain restriction on the number of withdrawals

Terms and conditions are finalized and agreed upon by Incash before implementation of the contract.

What amount would I be charged, as an employer, if I choose Incash?


Incash enables financial wellness to the employees at zero cost.

Some portion or 100% of an employee transaction fee connected to cash withdrawals can be subsidized by the employers, at their own discretion.

Does Incash require any specific payroll system in order to provide its services


We aim to achieve flexibility. That's why, we provide our services suited to all the payroll systems, be it fully automated or manual.

As an employer, you only need to pay back the amount your employees withdraw in a month. We charge a fee of N500 per N25,000 processed. You can bear this cost for your employees or leave it to them.


We charge a fee of N500 per N25,000 processed. This is to ensure that all our processes are accurate, and your money lands in your account as soon as possible. Your employer can also bear this liability.

You pay back on salary due date


Paid back on your salary due date

How can I get started?


To provide this facility to your employees, click ‘Sign Up as an Employer’. You’ll need to provide some vital company information and we’ll take it from there. Our company verification and onboarding process is.

Once this is done, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of a financially free workforce.

Do you have more questions?

Unique HR Dashboard

An all-inclusive dashboard uniquely designed to satisfy all your company’s needs smoothly.

Easy Setup

Set your account with Incash effortlessly without any integration requirement. We offer you seamless onboarding.

Forever Free

Employee Retention and Motivation is no longer costly. With Incash, pay nothing and reap the benefits of everything. It can’t be any better.