Get your salary in advance

You don’t have to wait for payday anymore. Incash helps you receive a portion of your earned salary at any point in time with zero interests


You’ve earned it!

Don't borrow at high interest rate to solve your emergencies. With Incash, you can get your accrued salary before payday

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Salary Advance

Your financial wellness is our priority. We ensure you seamless advances whenever you need them.


Savings & Investment

Secure your future by saving or investing a part of your money in unique plans offered by Incash.



Get affordable cover for your most precious possessions.

You control your salary

You can choose to receive your salary in advance, or hold on to it until payday! All you need to do is sign up, add your bank account and set up your salary. We’ll take it from there.


Zero Interest Rate


Minimal Documentation


Easy Repayment


Easy Accessibility; Ensured Transparency

Companies helping their employees build financial wellness

What people are saying


Incash is very good. I got my salary on the 12th of the month when I had an emergency to attend to. Total lifesaver!

Operations Manager, SMRIDU Nig. Ltd,

“Very Fast”

I received the money very fast. The bank alert came in just 3 minutes after placing a request. I highly recommend the platform.

Admin Executive, Samstar Nigeria

“Smooth experience”

The process from onboarding till I received money was a smooth experience for me. The support team is also very responsive.

Faculty Instructor, Aptech

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Salary Advance


Salary advance is an upfront payment of a portion of your salary.

Are there any benefits to taking a Salary Advance?


Absolutely. There are benefits

  • It is your own money;
  • We don’t call your friends and family to ask for repayment;
  • No interest rates;
  • You’re able to meet unexpected emergencies

Does Incash offer loans?


Incash does not give loans currently. We only offer advances for your verified salary amount.

Can I withdraw more than my salary?


Unfortunately, you cannot request more than your salary amount. Incash processes only the accrued salary of an employee at any given time.

As an employer, you only need to pay back the amount your employees withdraw in a month. We charge a fee of N500 per N25,000 processed. You can bear this cost for your employees or leave it to them.


We charge a fee of N500 per N25,000 processed. This is to ensure that all our processes are accurate, and your money lands in your account as soon as possible. Your employer can also bear this liability.

What is the repayment method & period?


You don’t need to worry about repayment. Your company deducts the requested amount from your salary and pays back to Incash on payday.

How can I get started?


Your company needs to sign up on Incash for you to access the facility. You can then access Incash on the web at, or on mobile. Download the app on the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store. Incash can aso be accessed by dialling the USSD code *347*338#

How can my company sign up?


Refer your employer through this link: Refer your employer

Do you have more questions?